Happy nYOU year!


Can we still say that half way through January? Sure we can!

It’s that time again when we’re invited to re-evaluate our lives and wonder about New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts and new experiences. Perhaps most of us are still in hibernation mode but, while we’re nestled in our twigs and feathers, there’s that little voice within saying, BUT WHAT NEXT?

What do I LOVE doing?

There’s all the self-help books and inspirational videos you could want out there to mock your comfort zone and stab you with cold, January blades of panic that you are wasting your life. “Do something you LOVE”, they enthuse. But what is that and can it earn me any money?

Alan Watts invites us to ask, “if money were no object what would I do?” Ooo, we like that one Alan! But how do we make it pay the bills and put food on the table?

Marianne Cantrell’s Free Range Humans similarly says how we have been brought up to believe that “a proper job” is the only sensible option. She urges us to create our own dream job and use the technology available to free us from being tied to an office or an employer. Inspiring stuff. Things can start to seems more possible! If other people can, why can’t I? And if not now, when?

So maybe this is where you are at the moment? You know what makes you tick, you have the ideas, you want to be your own boss, have a better work/life balance and, most of all, you want to do something that makes you HAPPY.

Talk about it, seek advice, network, test out your ideas, start small but do the next step. Don’t let January 2018 arrive with you wishing you’d started last year.

Ready to tell the world?

When it comes to getting your name out there, we believe in starting small and starting strong with a well designed logo. This is where all your branding stems from and getting this right early on ensures you’ll have the right look from day one.

A good logo will tell your customers at a glance, who you are, or what your business is about. The ‘voice’ is important. Are you cool, sophisticated, rough and ready, energetic, eco, or distinguished..? A good designer will work closely with you to understand what message it is you want to convey and to whom. With the right blend of colour, typography, style, wit and magic, they will create a logo that can be used clearly in any size or situation.

So if you’re BURSTING with new ideas and you’re ready for the next step, then get in touch and we will happily get the swatches and sketch pad out to help you get started on looking top notch!

All the very best,
Adele & Sarah