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I completed my Graphic Design degree in the year 2000; ‘The future’! The course was primarily focussed on developing design concepts and exploring ideas because the tools we used were fairly primitive – non-digital. It wasn’t until my final year that the college bought its first Apple Macs – a total of 8 computers, as I recall, which all the design students had to fight over. And the internet was still in its infancy too.

So it was a huge relief when I started my first job as a junior graphic designer, with MY VERY OWN COMPUTER and access to explore the full Adobe Creative Suite – the essential tools for any designer (although I am never without a sketchbook and fine uni-ball pen, you understand). Most people have heard of Photoshop, which is used for manipulating photographs; Illustrator (my favourite programme) is used to create sharp vector images, like logos, infographics etc; and then everything is pulled together in InDesign, with a splash of typography, to create beautiful layouts.

One on one tuition

Today, Moonloft offers 1:1 bespoke tuition for anyone grappling with these programmes…

“I was thrilled to find that Adele Armistead of Moonloft was offering short tutorials on Adobe InDesign. I wanted to develop an understanding of InDesign for the development of booklets and workbooks for my business, having used simpler design tools in the past.

Adele is an imaginative graphic designer who made this complex software accessible by introducing the basic functionality as well as opening up the world of what it would enable me to do. Crucially she removed the mystery of what can seem daunting with step by step explanations. Now I am going away to practice on a real project and will be returning for further advice on how to improve the design. Thanks so much Adele.”

Mary, Lancaster.

“As an aspiring graphic designer, I contacted Adele after seeing the Moonloft website to ask her about advice on completely changing my career and tutoring on the Adobe suite – no small feat! From the start Adele was very welcoming and a fun lady to be around. She made me believe that graphic design could really work for me and we started running through some tutorials on the software.

Adele is a very patient and enthusiastic tutor and very easy to get along with. I am now well on my way to realising my dream of being a fully fledged graphic designer and my only regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner!”

– Emily, Lancaster.

Want to learn more?

So whether you are a school-leaver, keen to explore a career in Graphic Design or Illustration, a reseracher looking for exciting ways to share your data, or a simply a budding hobbyist, then get in touch and either book a one-to-one tutorial or register your interest for a place on our exciting graphic design courses (#mooniversity ?!) – any suggestions for what you would like to see covered are very welcome!

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