Science 4 Society Week

Science for Society Week Logo

A bright and fun logo to represent a collection of science education activities designed to inspire young people focusing on the contribution that science, design and technology can make to …

Green Ayre Rises

Green Ayre Rises logo

We enjoyed creating this logo for a local event organiser. We based the design on the old fashioned railway station signs. The upcoming event, Green Ayre Rises, will be bringing …

Anna Huxham – Makeup Artist

Anna Huxham - Makeup Artist - Business Cards

Make-up graduate, Anna Huxham, wanted a clean and fresh logo identity to start her new freelance career. We decided that a strong monochrome look would give her the professional feel …



Artist Jenny Natush has been ‘sandgazing’ through a microscope, and has taken some exquisite photographs. These tiny grains can look like other worlds when viewed up close, so we used …

AJW Accountancy

Andrew Woodcock - Business Cards

Accountants have personalities too… so we worked with Andrew to produce his logo and these cheerful business cards which echo the style of modern calculator apps.

Pedal & Scoot

Pedal & Scoot logo

We love this logo – it makes us feel happy! It has the playful feel that Pedal & Scoot requested so they could reflect the type of work they do …

Halton Mill Hydro

Halton Lune Hydro Logo

We’re really proud to be part of our local, community-led, hydro scheme. It’s what generates the electricity for our office. Amazing! For the logo we used a friendly, modern font …