Our values

We are always looking for ways to help you minimise your environmental impact, leaving only the tiniest carbon tip-toes!

Moonloft is proud to be small business that prioritises customer relationships and satisfaction over impersonal corporate profits. This enables us to better understand and cater to our customers’ needs. We recognise that the planet can’t survive on a continuous growth model and we believe there’s a lot to be said for thinking small!

When it comes to environmental responsibility we choose green energy, ethical banking, use local printers / vegetable inks / FSC certified papers, and source our web hosting with trusted, secure, GDPR compliant hosting companies with UK based servers and positive green credentials. We are pround that many of our customers – including Ethical Consumer Magazine and LESS UK – choose us because they share those values.

Through our work we have become more deeply involved in many local community projects and we love getting to know what great things people are doing and helping you tell the world.