Our values

We are always looking for ways to help you minimise your environmental impact, leaving only the tiniest carbon tip-toes!

In September 2013, we became part of the low-carbon Green Elephant Co-operative at Halton Mill, which stands alongside the the River Lune at Halton just outside Lancaster. The Mill is powered by 100% renewables, including the electricity generated by the local community Hydro scheme. As a member of the co-op, we work to improve the way our business affects environmental sustainability and community well-being, as an in-built and ongoing effort.

However, like many people since the pandemic, we made working from home a permanent arrangement. It’s great being back at Moonloft Original HQ, in the heart of the city of Lancaster, with so many wonderful local cafes, iconic landmarks, strolls along the canal and quay, various meeting hubs and beautiful green spaces. So although we have said goodbye to our (physical) office at Halton Mill, we are still very much part of the community there, and can sometimes be found milling around The Hive co-working space or Lunelab Makerspace.

Rest assured, we haven’t made any changes to our ethical values, which remain at the heart Moonloft. We continue to listen closely to the advice of our friends at Ethical Consumer, we choose green energy, use local printers / vegetable inks / FSC certified papers, and source our web hosting with trusted, secure, GDPR compliant hosting companies with UK based servers and positive green credentials.

Halton Mill

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