Our values

We are always looking for ways to help you minimise your environmental impact, leaving only the tiniest carbon tip-toes!

Our printing is carefully chosen from a list of trusted suppliers with the right green credentials who offer sustainably sourced papers and vegetable inks, where possible.

In September 2013, we moved to our new eco-office at Halton Mill, which stands alongside the the River Lune at Halton just outside Lancaster. Here, we not only feel inspired by the beautiful scenery, we are also 100% powered by renewables, including the electricity generated by the local community Hydro scheme – which we hope will one day power our websites. Water-powered websites? Why not?!

We feel proud to be part of such a pioneering green venture and to be supported by a fabulous network of people at Halton Mill and beyond.

As a member of the Green Elephant Co-operative, we work to improve the way our business affects environmental sustainability and community well-being, as an in-built and ongoing effort.

Halton Mill

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